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Do you have a SaaS ?
Make SaaS our problem.
Focus on product and revenue while we provide you a SaaS platform solution.

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SaaShup is a simple solution to saas-ify your application.
We help you to expose your application and simplify the management. Build and develop your software and let us take care of deploying it to your customer through your own customized Saas. Our services remain flexible and scalable we adapt the capacity to your activity.
Saashup your simplified SaaS engine platform
What do I get ?

You just need to provide a docker and we provide a complete Saas solution with our engine Front application, authentication, payment, monitoring, alerting, backups, logging, auditing, L1 support...

You also have your own admin page to configure and customize your Saas.

get in touch if you have questions.

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saaashup logo SaaS next solution engine
A management platform for containers


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Modern GPS tracking platform


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stateless API for PDF files

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